Religious Freedom

We believe in the free exercise of religion as guaranteed in the 1st Amendment.

Marriage Equality Act (Current Law)

A08354 This law permits same sex marriage in New York State (NYS)

Counselor Coercion (Current Law)

On January 15, 2019, each house of the New York State (NYS) legislature, passed the Counselor Coercion Bill. The bill bans mental health professionals from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts, also known as “Change Therapy” with minor clients. Click Here for more information regarding this Bill, S.1046- Hoylman / A.576 – Glick.

Dignity for All Student Act (DASA) for Nonpublic Schools (Pending)

S.3696-Hoylman – This bill would remove a faith based school’s ability to treat homosexual and transgender behavior, as a violation of biblical principle.

Pregnancy Center Disclosure (Pending)

S.2264Hoylman/A.2352-Glick – This bill require pro-life pregnancy centers to inform clients (by a state mandated disclosure) that they do not offer abortion services and would allow greater scrutiny by the state.